Denise Guren z"l
14 August 1952 – 31 May 2009
From sweet Port Alberni
And all along Puget Sound
There is no finer harbor
Anywhere to be found.
Silent now are the pulp mills
Soft and green is the grass
And the joybells are ringing
For the Bellingham Lass.

With curls like an angel
And the devil's own tongue
She numbered her friends
From the old to the young.
With hands always busy
At wool or at clay
And her fiddle was heard
All 'round Bellingham Bay.
If I had the power
The storms for to rise
I would blow the winds higher
For to darken the skies.
I would blow the winds higher
Till the salt waves did crash
On the day that we lost
Our Bellingham Lass.

Her spirit is with us
In our hearts beating strong.
So remember with prayer
And dancing and song.
And lift up the torch that
From her hand did pass...
Forever we'll miss you
Our Bellingham Lass.
The Bellingham Lass

melody taken from an old Celtic lament, "The Maid of Culmore"

lyrics by Leah Guren

sung by Marcie Forrest

I give this song to all of Denise's friends who share her love of folk, ethnic, and Celtic music.  Let us remember her with music and dance, and with more laughter than tears.

— Leah Guren
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